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In 2002 the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society launched a remarkable website called Ebird. If…


How The UN’s New Data Lab In Indonesia Uses Twitter To Preempt Disaster

Predictive disaster relief is the goal, says Robert Kirkpatrick, Director of the UN’s Global Pulse initiative, and Twitter data may be the key. The program uses social network analysis to study living conditions throughout the world and preempt crises. “We found that a combination of food words and mood state was able to predict the consumer price index several weeks ahead,” says Kirkpatrick.

Read the full article from our new section Co.Labs here.

This is very interesting. There is a direct correlation between twitter and business trends. Perhaps in the future a company can use this information to identify trends on specific goods, from region to region and adapt to what the trends suggest.

How To Prepare Yourself To Win
Geoffrey James, Inc.,


As any great ath­lete will tell you, win­ning isn’t acci­den­tal.

It requires more than just plan­ning and knowl­edge.

You must also be able to get your­self into the right men­tal state to win, on cue, every time you “get on the…

We all wanna be winners! Geoffrey James, Inc. tells us how to doe it in this Business Insider piece.



Alternate universe version of this.

“Alternate”? What do you think we’ve been doing here all this time?

Brazen Life | |9 |,

If you’re a man­ag­er, you’ve prob­a­bly expe­ri­enced the sen­sa­tion of peo­ple not lik­ing you — but does that mean you suck? Not nec­es­sar­i­ly.

Your goal, after all, is to imple­ment the com­pa­ny’s vision on the front-lines of the bat­tle…

There is a reason we do not like our managers. Or we as managers are not liked. Check this article out.

Paul Schoemaker,

You’re the boss, but you still spend too much time on the day-to-day. Here’s how to become the strate­gic leader your com­pa­ny needs.

In the begin­ning, there was just you and your part­ners. You did every job. You coded, you met with investors…

These are also great thoughts for any person in any influential position.

The average length of an elevator ride in New York City is 118 seconds. If you use that as a guide, it means you’ve got less than two minutes to deliver a winning elevator pitch for your amazing new idea — wherever you are. Start by grabbing your…

Christine Erickson,

Bored with friends’ Face­book albums that are filled with land­scapes and sun­sets from their vaca­tion? This video is the answer to all of your prob­lems.

Two adventure-seekers were inspired by the open­ing cred­its for the TV show Mod­ern…

Pretty cool vid.